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This help page shows the Standard Style of Editing (also known as Standard Editing Style, abbreviated as SES), which shows how templates are usually created.

Template disambiguation[edit]

A template disambiguation (abbreviated as TD) are created when there seems to have many templates in different wikis of the same name. An example of this is {{Documentation}}.

  1. Type the following, and edit it.
    1. {{disambigt|number of templates of the same name|[[Template:Example/Sitename 1]]|[[Template:Example/Sitename 2]]}}
    2. An example is: {{disambigt|five|[[Template:Documentation/Anti-Wikia Alliance]]|[[Template:Documentation/Meta]]|[[Template:Documentation/Wikia starter pages]]|[[Template:Documentation/Wikia Templates]]|[[Template:Documentation/Wikipedia]]}}
  2. Second edit:
    1. Add the following to the beginning of the template disambiguation and edit it:
      1. <includeonly><choose><option>{{Example/Sitename 1}}</option><option>{{Example/Sitename 2}}</option></choose></includeonly><noinclude>What you typed earlier</noinclude>
      2. This is used to make the RandomSelection extension transclude one of the listed templates, in case it was transcluded by mistake or accident.

Templates copied from other wikis[edit]

Warning: You are responsible in what you post and contribute to the Templates Wiki! If you copied templates from a wiki using an incompatible license, you will be banned as per our banning policy! See Wikipedia:FAQ/Copyright § Can I add something to Wikipedia that I got from somewhere else? for more details.

  1. First edit: Create a template page here containing the content of a template from an another wiki. Do not modify it. Put "Copied from<template_name>&oldid=<oldid>" in the edit summary. Make sure it is a permanent link to the revision you copied from! Some examples are:
    1. Copied from
    2. Copied from [ Wikia Templates]
  2. Second edit: Remove the interlanguage links, change foreign-named namespaces (e.g. "Luokka:" to "Category:"), and mark it as a minor edit. Done!

Original and unique templates[edit]

So, you want to create #OriginalAndUniqueTemplates? Well then...

There is no Standard Style of Editing! Be creative in creating templates and have fun!

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